The Crites Brothers

Dean and Dale Crits
Twin brothers Dale and Dean Crites born in 1907 in Waukesha Wisconsin were involved in aviation for over 60 years. Dale and Dean Crites were aviation pioneers, and were inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame.


Dale built a replica of a Curtis Pusher and flew it at many avaition events, it now hangs in the passenger terminal at Milwauke Mitchel Field (MKE).  Next time your there spend some time to look it over as well as the accompaning exihits. 
Dale Crites Cirtis Pusher:

Dean perfected the hanky pick up trick in the 1930’s.  Dean G. Crites-Picking a hankerchief up off the ground with the wing tip of an airplane. The photogapher is believed to be Warren S. Obrien of Waukesha, Wisconsin. Audio comments by Dale B. Crites and unknown visitors.

 Later on, Dale also performed the trick. Here Dale is doing the Handkerchief pick up with wing tip of a J-3 Cub. Probably taken in the late 50’s- or 60’s. Audio comments by Dale Crites video Wakesha Aviation Club.